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coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank you for joining us october th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, the secret word is cool. >> we have gone from 90s to 100 and there is a big fog bank out there and a very definite sea breeze for most, here is sal. they are approaching the 580 interchange and also this morning traffic is doing well. getting word of a major bart delay also because of a maintenance vehicle stuck on the tracks we will have more coming up, let's go back to dave and pam. two people were shot dead in vallejo and this started as
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a dispute between neighbors. we will have more on the suspected shooters military connections. >> reporter: we spoke to two neighbors who say the suspect and the victim knew each other. you can see a marine flag out in front and on the back of that driveway there are a number of bumper stickers on that car. they say this suspect is a marine, vietnam veteran being he lived in this home and when it comes to them they seem to get along. he was a long time resident and they know him well. >> reporter: what did you think
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of him? >> he seemed like a nice person, it seems like everybody likes him. >> reporter: police say what happened was a shooting and standoff. he walked across the street with a gun and the times herald reports the witness heard six to eight shots and there was a 45 minute standoff once police arrived. he was taken into custody and the two victims were apparently known well and often sat in their driveway. >> they hang out every day. the garage is open all the time. >> overnight, the two victims were taken from the scene. they have not identified the victims because they are still notifying family members. but they say they 50 years old.
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one woman would debate politics and they were out here quite a bit and none of this makes any sense and he is still trying to figure it all out. they are investigating two homicides. police say that fight happened at 8:30 the 90 minutes later they were report had reportedly standing at a home when somebody came up and shot him. now police believe it is gang- related. it happened on 880 south north of jackson street. two people were actually trapped in a truck and when emergency responders got there
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the two people inside complained of pain and didn't need medical treatment. it could be taken over where the police department is fighting to keep its independence. good morning, alex. paperwork will likely be filed by attorneys questioning that take over. they have refused to sign all of the court ordered reform measures and oakland officers were accused of corruption in that case. attorneys for the alleged victims, they will be asking them to put the department under receivership. and the oakland police issued a pair of scathing reports earlier this week, even
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concluding officers sometimes open fire without facing an imminent threat. they responded to occupied threats last october and in that case they were understaffed and unprepared for the demonstration. they have made progress in implementing those reforms and later today attorneys are asking for a federal take over of the defendant. mitt romney delivered a solid performance in his first case against president barack obama. >> i use that term with all respect. >> coming up, we will go live to our washington d.c. bureau and we will look at the poll results showing who won the debate and one comment that is
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ruffling if he is they ares. -- feathers. he recently shared childhood photographs and he was killed on september 11th when protesters attacked benghazi. they have invited dignitaries to share their memories. the blue angels are invited up in the skies for a practice run before this weekend's big fleet we can show. chopper 2 was there when this flying team arrived in the pay area tuesday. go from 12-4 and there is a meet and greet which starts at 7:15. you can get more information about the blue angels schedule
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and see the many festivities this weekend. just go to our website and click on hot topics. how is it going this morning? >> it is good, i just read a story about the blue angels and we will keep reminding you. let's have a look at what we have now, traffic is moving along nicely in many areas. if you are driving from vallejo to oakland, it is a nice drive so far as you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is a nice drive. i loss want to mention a bart problem and this is a problem with bart with major delays. according to bart, there is in fact i have a map of the area and i want to put a circle on
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something. there is a stalled vehicle on the bart tracks near mcarthur station and this is really a bad spot. it is slowing trains from bay point to san francisco. major delays on those lines will keep you posted. apparently a maintenance vehicle is on the tracks before service can resume to normal. they are calling it major delays for bart. let's go to steve. skies are clear, very calm, that is not the case now. fog has roared back in temperatures took a big nose dive coast and bay and inland temperatures will follow suit. they are making a strong push and when you get sea breeze gusting up to 30 miles per hour, you will go 33 and the city did hit 34 and that was a very challenging forecast. we will go 79 today and san
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jose is 89 to 76 today. it will be a good 15 to 20- degree drop. reason being, it was shallow, solid fog bank, it is making a big push inland. 57 to 60 degrees and that's coast and bay. west turbo charge, that is what we look for and it was flat, nothing. we picked up the system with high pressure way up here and that is going to stay here probably all over us and too much fog and it will bring temperatures down. it is cooler even out of those 100s a couple of 80s, 76 walnut creek, low 80s brentwood, livermore 71 degrees. 76 san jose, 76 los gatos, 50s
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60s and 70s coast and bay, we'll see the fog get chewed up and it looks like partly cool conditions. dna tests have come in on a gruesome discovery on the peninsular and how it may help the discovery of a missing man. first a 13-year-old was beaten unconscious while others watched, the reason why his family said the school district is to blame. we will tell you more about the morning commute traffic is moving well on the san mateo bridge. continue for my daughter. to,
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brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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. an indiana couple is suing the school district after a video surfaced watching older classmates slamming 13-year-old austin mcdaniel to the ground and punching him repeatedly. the school did not call 911 after the attack and she was not called until an hour later. >> it was horrifying, he was very close to a classroom, not one teacher helped him. >> her son suffered a concussion and other injuries.
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kitchen aid is apologizing for a tweet during the debate. the message referred to a moment where president barack obama talked about his grandmother's death. the tweet posted by kitchen aid said his grandmother knew it was going to be bad she died before he became president. the person who sent the message will not be tweeting for them anymore. now that the presidential debate is over, they will be busy and they will be back on the campaign trail today. tell us what the polls are saying about who appears to have won the debate, jacqueline? >> reporter: dave, republican challenger mitt romney is expecting to see a boost in the poles, a survey taken by cnn
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shows mitt romney a clear winner. an aggressive mitt romney criticized president barack obama's record saying big government is not working. mitt romney says the middle- class cannot afford four more years under obama. >> the people having a hard time right now are middle income americans. they are buried, they are just being crushed. >> president barack obama defended his achievements and challenged his plans saying there are not any details. >> at some point, people have to ask themselves, is the reason governor mitt romney keeping all these plans secret because they are too good? >> that he had hard time driving the debate and another comment by mitt romney has public television supporters upset. >> i'm sorry, jim, i am going to stop pbs, i like big bird and i like you too but i am not
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going to keep spending money on things borrow money from china. >> it is all about big bird. and coming up, we are doing some big facts where the two men actually clash. a lot of people gathered at watch parties and supporters of president barack obama gathered in walnut creek and two miles away mitt romney supporters were at the republican headquarters. both sides gave their candidates high marks. >> i am thrilled with mitt romney, he is driving the debate, slamming issues and obama is responding to them as opposed to carrying the debate. >> i give the edge to obama. i think he is doing an
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effective job in explainingwhat he has done in the last four years. >> while last night's debate was important, there are still four more weeks of campaigning before elections. we have more on the presidential debate on our website ktvu channel 2 morning news including a fact check of some of the statements that were made last night. you can find it on ktvu channel 2 morning news. dna has matched the discovery of a foot to a missing camper. now fishermen found a section of a foot three weeks later. tests matched mchenry and they say there is still a remote possibility he is still alive. they are set to be awarded in an upcoming trial over the san bruno explosion. they say the company should not have to pay damages because they were not aware it posed a
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risk to public safety. any fines would be in addition to and they will pay victims of the 2010 explosion. the judge is set to rule later this month. it is early but we need to check in with sal. >> this is a problem that is affecting the trash right in the hidel of the whole system. so there are delays from rip month to fremont -- richmond to fremont because of a maintenance vehicle because they are stuck in a place where they are not supposed to be. it is blocking the trains, all the trains come through here and they are all here according to bart for the commute into san francisco. westbound bay bridge, this traffic looks good if you want to get there now and it should be a nice drive for you. also the commute is looking good, being north and
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southbound passing the coliseum. lots of low clouds and fog, it is too bad they didn't go yesterday but that's not the case today. upper 50s and 60s, we have some breaks in the clouds. we take a jacket and it looks like it will take us to friday as well. it usually peels back. santa cruz dropped almost 30 degrees because that fog came flying back and now it is not only on the coast but it is moving locally in and it's charging so there is a big temperature drop for everybody. the west winds means 50s and 60s and most locations are staying cloudy and with that out of the southwest out of travis it looks like a very cool pattern. a low will play right into our weather and it is heading
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towards us and it will not get here until sunday or monday. solid fog bank and the good news, it is lifting. we have gone from the 100s on tuesday and there will be a lot of 70s. way inland, those temperatures are coming down, 60s and 70s for most. pleasanton 78, oakland 68 antioch will go 82. los gatos, 68 santa cruz after 101 just two days ago. san mateo coast, much of the coast low-to-mid 70s on the coast. cooling continues friday, i think we level off and that will chew up the fog on the coast but there will be partly cloudy skies inland. most of the stock markets are up but european bank will keep interest rates where they are. japanese auto makers reported
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stronger than expected sales. that helped to boost the numbers and it came in at almost 1%. futures all indicate a higher opening for the s&p 500 calling for flat gains as well. keep an eye on hue letter packet -- lieu let pack card -- hewlett pack card. the co-owner was greeted by one of the players after yesterday's victory. and a slight giveaway, how you can win a trip for free depending on the outcome of the november election.
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. they are on the website saying who they are voting for and they will be entering on international roots.
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time now 5:24, the story for the oakland a's has at least one more chapter. the coliseum was sold out yesterday and the oakland a's beat the texas rangers 12-5 and they run the western divisions. they capped one of the greatest nights in baseball history. they were trailing last time by 13 games. >> i don't know why i am emotional about a baseball game but the effort that went into this is so emotional.
5:26 am
they are gearing up for the weekend, buster to posey has a title with a 336 average. he is the first national leaguer to win after 30 years. posey is expected to win most valuable player and is expected to go up against cincinnati in at&t park. sal will probably be there or you will be watching somewhere for sure. >> we are talking baseball. >> i know. i want to mention we will talk more about that bart delay coming up. i want to mention the roads and this morning we had traffic on the roads doing well but it doesn't take long and in fact there is less than an hour to
5:27 am
go, getting through and no major problems if you are driving on 680, the sunole grade, that looks good, 5:26 let's go to steve. let's of fog out there, the fog is making a strong push and that means 60s and 70s for some, way down on the temperatures. >> 5:26 is the time and they are getting a new archbishop and some people are planning on protesting his installation. we will tell you why witnesses say gang members are responsible. delays around the -- bart delays around the bay and i will tell you bart delays are going to be with us for a while.
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. well, good morning to you, it is october 4th, and we will have a look at the weather, it is definitely cooler. >> yes, it started yesterday around noon for the city and the coast and that fog came flying in and once it did, 90s inland and temperatures will drop a good 15 degrees and 60s and 70s with a lot of low
5:31 am
clouds. here is sal. i want to talk about bart, they are stalled and there are systemwide delays and we just spoke to bart and they say it will take awhile for these trains to dissipate and a lot of trains are stuck in san francisco, although trains are moving through and they are having some switching problems in that area so please give yourself some extra time if you take bart. let's go back to the desk. they are looking for a gunman who ambushed and killed a man at a birthday party. it was one of two homicides last night. they just spoke with somebody who was at that party, jeanine? >> reporter: pam, that man tells me they were all at a party celebrating his birthday and they were here at the house where you see the light on. he said they were not gang
5:32 am
members and not wearing gang colors and they are still processing the scene where a man in his 20s was shot. they just came here and police tell us they were called here at 12:30 this morning. a group of people were standing outside when an unknow much suspect -- unknown person approached them. he tells us what he saw. all you hear is three to four outside -- four guys outside cooking barbecue runs inside and you hear shots fired. he drops to the floor, i happen to look out the window and i didn't hear anything. all i was told is it was gang bankers -- bangers. >> right now detectives are
5:33 am
going door to door and talking to witnesses and at this point they do not have any suspects in custody. we were told by the young man whose birthday was being celebrated. he said the victim is married and has a young child and he reiterates his friend was not a gang member. this is the 36th homicide of the year. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. another man was killed on the other side of san jose last night that. victim was apparently in a fight on second street in downtown hose. that fight happened at 830 and he was pronounced dead before 10:00. they are investigating another shooting. a sheriff's deputy was describing a suspicious man it
5:34 am
delayed bart trains yesterday afternoon. the man had been lying on the tracks and became a guess i have -- aggressive when a san mateo sheriff's deputy approached him. they called for backup and the man started picking things up off the ground possibly to use as weapons. >> he picked up something that the sheriff's deputy believed was life-threatening. >> they are checking to see if he was mentally ill or under the influence of drugs. oakland police disclosed more information about the fatal shooting of alan blueford. they released a series of reports from police officers
5:35 am
crime team negotiators and alan blueford was reaching for a gun when the officers shot and killed him. he had a camera on his uniform but it is not clear if he turned it on. they say there was a clip with his left thumb fran on it. the recent acts are continuing show targets near the poredder. this is in response to a mortgager attack that killed five turkish supporters. the aid said turkey has no plans to declare war on syria but is taking necessary precautions. osama bin laden could havened up on trial. for sister book, he is quoted
5:36 am
saying he would have argued in favor of the full rights of a criminal defendant. the book is set to be released october 16th. and the issue is coming back, proposition 34 would end the death penalty here in california. one side says, this part of our justice system is broke an and the other sighs said it is meant to bring justice. well theville -- village plan was supposed to be at peers 32 and 27 and 29, a third area for spectators is going
5:37 am
greenment it will be cut and instead the money will be spent and they say it is not father to them or their fans. he will take his most at new catholic archbishop at st. marry's cat -- st. mary's cathedral and is a supporter of same sex marriages and there will be a problem. there is a problem on the tracks from bart, what kind of disruptions are there and how
5:38 am
are bart ridersee resulted. this is -- erupted. this is south of the mcarthur station where a work truck became disabled on the tracks. we believe is the work coming through this area overable clear them from the tracks but still they are coming through here moving slowly and it has caused major delays systemwise and try trains heading from bay point to retch month to san francisco -- richmond to san francisco. this work truck has been moved out of the way.
5:39 am
bart is saying resid call -- are sid wall delays -- bart is saying they have delays . i got off the phone with bart central just like all level did and he explained it. >> they will have to go through and many are still in the east bay and that's the problem, there is a backup of trains trying to get into the city, these are live pictures again and you did a great job. really this is really the whole
5:40 am
truck and we let you know more about that develops. let's move along and take a look at 880 westbound and we might see more people taking the car and we will know in about 20 minutes how the bay bridge looks, also the morning commute looks good, northbound and south our if you are in another direction, you can go south. let's go to steve. very cloudy morning. it is fleet week and everything has change dollars and there is a big fog bank and it is not going anywhere any time soon. i think tomorrow it will burn off and heads back over the coast, 60s for temperatures and it there will be a cool breeze.
5:41 am
no doubt, the city did hit 74 after 94 two days ago. and i split the difference 85- 73. there will be a few temperatures in the 80s and even those will be coming down and a low pressure system is moving in and that has picked up the fog into southwest and at this time if it was calm, you can see where the high pressure system is moving and it looks like it will drift on the weekendment so 5 a 60s and
5:42 am
i would say 90 pes of the a forecast, 76 collar cupertino 77, 73 redwood city, menlo park 77. with your weekend always in view, it looks like a cloudy sunday and we have, a -- partly cloudy skies. coming up, the california law is being challenged. what you don't up stand. >> over the last two years healthcare people are -- premiums are harder to pay
5:43 am
>> >> and trains are running more slowly and that's going to cause major delays.
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. welcome back. early verdicts are rolling in for the debate 45% say mitt romney out worked president barack obama. good morning sandra for an early analysis. >> reporter: good morning. mitt romney came out strong in last night's performance during the first showdown between the two candidates and talking about the specifics. 67% of voters who watched the
5:46 am
debate said mitt romney won versus 2 5% for president barack obama. the first presidential debate focused and candidates have plenty to talk about including health care reform. >> in my state we had republicans and democrats come together and work together. what you did was push through a plan without a single republican vote. >> in the past two years, it has gone up but they have gone up slower than any time in the last four years. >> my number one principal said there will be no tax cut that adds to the deficit to a void the middle-class, it is
5:47 am
maddening. >> he -- room room emphasized his campaign principles. >> look at the last four years, we have 23 million people out of work. >> the debate was low on drama and high on energy if i cannily from mitt romney. -- particularly from mitt romney. >> he seized upon that opportunity and i didn't think president barack obama was rusty so much that nobody has spoken to him like that over the last four years. and the real test for the candidates come on november 6th. the last debate is in florida. sandra endo, pam, back to you. and right now the valley does not allow registered sex
5:48 am
offenders to decorate their homes for halloween. some are required to put a sign on their door saying no treats or candy will be offered. now they say it violates their civil rights. >> i don't really want my kid going and trick or treating at a sex offenders house but that is what i am here for. that's it voters approve the death penalty. if that happens 75-year-old for those who should fit the crime. it's not just about the
5:49 am
killer, it is about what the killer did. >> it is about how we spent our criminal justice dollars and what keeps us safer. >> now it used to be the warden and she said it will save about $100 million a year. time now 5:48, we have that bart problem. that's right, trains are switching on tracks and trains are going slowly and trains will be delayed this morning but they are running. it looks good but it is not stop and go and you don't have to worry about getting here but it is a nice drive into the
5:50 am
city. southbound traffic is moving along nicely all the way down to fremont, let's go to steve. sal, lots of fog out there, yesterday no fog at all and it finally started working its way up towards monterey and flew along the santa cruz coastline and temperatures came down rapidly even though they were hot but that will not be the case today. once it hit and the westerly breeze kicked in and it looks like coast and bay are back into the 50s and 60s and what was a shallow fog bank will give way. 50s and 60s, most locations are staying cloudy, southwest gusting at 33 over travis and yesterday was calm. even a west wind at concord
5:51 am
with a strong sea breeze and that is drawing this little low over the next five days. inland temperatures make the biggest drop today. in fact we'll see upper 100s and 70s, further away from the coast. even out of the 90s for ukiah and clear lake. there are some well off to the east. there are many in areas that are 99 and 100 two days ago. 76 san jose, milpitas, same forehead would -- for red would city, we will carry it into saturday and this looks like it might get cloudy and some cool conditions take us from sunday
5:52 am
to money. it isful consult with modest -- consistent with modest -- it is still consistent with modest hiring. and they need a work group at the airline which has not agreed to concessions since americans filed for bankruptcy. passengers started to complain and one travel agency said to apply it to something other than american airlines. also, for one of their team mates and plus the runaway animal on a highway, what it took to catch it.
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. look at him planing around.
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taco jumped out of his cage and ended up in the middle of traffic. police finally tracked down taco's owner and they ended up throwing a t-shirt over his head to get control. they are all pooling their money together to reunite a 10- year-old girl with her stolen dog. it is a yorke mix. the thieves also stole jewelry and electronics from the home. the city's police and fire unions along with others raised about $6,000 for a reward for the safe return of this puppy. the little girl is offering the contents of her piggy bank for
5:57 am
that puppy. no cause of death has been determined and she is having trouble understanding why it happened. he tweeted please pray for my baby, we lost our only son 23 hours after he was born with no explanation. a triple crown winner since 1967. miguel melky cabrera led with a 333 batting average. melky cabrera comes just the 15th player in baseball history to accomplish that and he's joining the ranks of others. -- high ranks of others. i want to focus on 280 and that is getting into the valley. coming out of the pleasanton,
5:58 am
busy in fremont and also business any in the -- busy in the livermore valley. >> all right, we have more delays from bart and we want to take you live to where the problem is and we want to tell you how long it will affect service this morning. and a confrontation in vallejo leaves two people dead, we have your forecasted highs in two minutes. ♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. [ man ] at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams
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is now deliciously real. [ female announcer ] and now, try our new chocolate chip cookie 90 calorie brownie.
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